Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Gah, where to begin? hmmm. Well, I'll start with saying that Luke Wells is the BEST date to take to a Thunder basketball game. Thanks to my boss for the amazing tickets, Luke about had a cow when we kept walking down to our seats and stopped only three rows behind the basketball goal. He was on the jumbotron about five times, we stayed til the very last second and he cheered on Russ loudly & proudly. Lucky for me, Candice was in town & she and KC were at the same Thunder game. No one was in the seats beside us so they made their way down and we got to sit together the second half. We all had a great time Thundering up!

Night two of Candice being in town from Chicago was very lax but full of laughter and girls that I love. We had the wine, we had cheese, and we had a warm bed to sleep in. Think 25 year old and up slumber party, so fun. 

Day three of Candice being in town, KC & I had signed up for the Cupid Undie Run, we got Candice a "fast pass" so we could enjoy some cocktails before the race.... interesting thing, I don't recommend drinking before running, even it is only a mile. However, KC & I were laughing and having a great time with it the entire time. The rest of the day was spent hanging out in bricktown with Chad, KC, Candice, Lellie & Will. We finished the night with live music, as always. 

Gotta love that there was a porta-potty for a one mile race haha.

Love me some lellis

Sunday, Will & I were dead. DEAD. It was balentines day, but there would be no celebrating. We did get some pizza and watch some t.v. though. We were so hungover. But totally not mad about it. We prep ourselves when we have our hometowners in town, we know we are going to have a hometown buzz going so we know the next day could be miserable. But the amount of fun and comfort-ability involved is not comparable to anything else as far as fun with friends. There is never any crazy drama and if there is, you can guarantee it will be taken care of that day, whether it be with a karate chop to a leg, a fish hook to the mouth, or even someone saying something they don't really mean that's hurtful. By the end of the night, you will be able to wipe your hands clean of anything negative and may even end with hugging and crying and saying how much you love this person. Our hometown people are our family. And Candice is one of our key members in the family, we knew that we were going to have a fun time, so we were prepared for feeling like death on Sunday. 

pretty nails for a pretty ring, love it babertz

Date night with babertz

Fast forward through the week and get to this past weekend and you'll find Will and I doing a little wedding prep, having a couple of date nights, running with the landrunners, getting my nails did and then going hiking in the mountains. Everything was pretty much back to normal, back to living life pretty simple but making time to really enjoy the things we love the most which is being outdoors, unplugging from the phones, listening to music and exploring and appreciating mother nature. I am my happiest when I am outdoors. I love the sound of leaves as they crunch underneath your feet, the sound of wind shaking trees, the smell of cedar, the sound of a waterfall in the distance and then finding that waterfall and taking in the beauty. God is such an amazing artist, have you really gone out and seen the stuff he puts out? His ability to mold mountains, and place waterfalls and trees in just the right places amazes me. 

This week, I'll be doing some wedding projects on the side, mailing out our save the dates, and then heading to Texas with some of the solesisters to run a half marathon. 

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