Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bubbas Dallas Weekend

Travis played host with the most last weekend when we traveled to Dallas. I ran the St. Patty's race by myself :( ... actually there were a bajillion other people I didn't know who ran it but hey at least I got some exercise in before my day of drinking vodka & redbulls haha. We got to see some of Dallas/Lake friends and hang out in Dallas like we were much younger than we really are. You know make questionable decisions and get into shenanigans. We caught third eye blind and just had a lot of fun. Sunday we had lunch, made a pack to only have two drinks with Tim & Bailey because we love their company and then did a little tipsy shopping. We got home later than expected but it was a weekend of fun and no regrets.

No medals, just free beer & a beer opener, but since I was the only one at the race, I had to run back to Trav's apartment... cool  
feeyawnce wanted to match, how adorable is this guy?

When you have to make a pact to only have two drinks because you love spending time with your friends THAT much...

Daquiris to go... sure!

We hung out at a cool place called truck yard while in Dallas, loved it! 

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