Monday, March 14, 2016

Family time, a Satruday spent with two Haileys and a stormy sunday

All week last week I was anxious to head south to see my sister and her family. Unfortunately, time & traffic were not on my side. I ended up getting to Ardmore around 7:45... which is nuts when I left straight from work at 5:30.  It was such a stop & go trip that I made myself carsick, haha, puked as soon as I stepped out of my car. :( My family had waited on me to eat dinner, which was nice of them but I'm glad they did because clearly I needed some food in my belly since I tossed my cookies. Brentli and I stayed up late playing with snapchat, her toys and watching fuller house.

I was early to rise Saturday morning and my sister woke up shortly after I did. We headed to the gym to get a work out in, it was nice to catch up and be healthy at the same time. Super proud of her for staying on it and getting healthy, so far she's lost twenty pounds. We worked out for an hour and a half and then headed back to her house. We met up with Haley, Haydn & Smelly... I actually don't know Smelly's real name (I assume it's Shelly?) now that I think of it... haha. But then again since Haley nicknamed me Juniper, I'm not sure she knows my real name either. Haydn chauffeured us around Ardmore. We had lunch at interurban then attempted to give blood at a local blood drive. Unfortunately, the blood drive was a little under-staffed and even with an appointment and waiting two hours, we weren't able to give blood. Honestly, for me it was probably best, I was feeling light headed by the thought of it haha. I tend to pass out when it comes to needles and blood. I was willing to do it though, so that was a plus I suppose.

Happy birthday Hailey! 

I headed back to Norman later that afternoon to meet at the Mont to celebrate Hailey's birthday. (not the same Haley) Since I was running late and worried about the traffic from the night before, Will had asked Amanda & Kevin to swing through Moore to pick him up. (Thanks foxhole friends) I arrived right before they got there and as soon as Will opened the door, he was all denim'd out... and I was too... oops. I guess we were just going for the Johnny Ward style...If you don't know who that is, then that statement isn't even funny. And also if you don't know who that is, you're missing out on life a little. - We enjoyed the birthday girl and her guy Pablo, we sure miss those two. I really love their energy, just good people. Speaking of energy, I grabbed Hailey some black crystal druzy stud earrings. Not long ago, I was feeling a little defeated, she noticed and hugged me and offered her support in the situation. So when I saw the earrings I instantly thought of her. Black crystals are known to be protective, and offer a sense of retreat, people are known to keep them close when they need to feel safe and secure. Hailey as a person actually gave me that feeling the day that I wasn't feeling so great and so I wanted to give that back to her in someway. Of course, I didn't explain that to her, because Will was good about trying to take credit for the gift because he's nuts haha. Who knows, maybe she will read up about the meaning someday and understand why I chose the black crystals. - (just call me spencer/heidi pratt) 

If you are reading this thinking "what in the hell is she talking about?? She is a little crazy", you won't be the first or the last to think that haha. And I am crazy, I'll admit. But what woman isn't?!?! We all have our levels. My crazy is fueled by my intuitive thinking. My sister thinks my belief in signs from earth and the power of intuition is whack, but she will agree that some of the things that I have experienced are interesting and cool. In fact, I shared with her something that has been happening the last few months and she thought it was pretty neat. Will also listens to my stories and laughs about certain happenings, but I'm pretty sure that he has had a black obsidian sphere since before I started dating him so he can't laugh too much. I don't even know if he knows what the black heavy ball is, but he says he thinks it's cool, and that's because it is. He has experienced some things that he can't explain with me and so he thinks it's interesting. Like when we were at dinner the night we got engaged, he felt it that night I know he did. Ok. I will just say this, those who do not believe in magic will never find it.. 

Anyway, before I get off on talking about my beliefs in smudging sage, signs from earth, aromatherapy, religion, life's little reminders, spirits, and just being indian, etc. I'll just fast forward to Sunday.

Sunday, I was up around six a.m. and KC came to pick me up and we went to run with the landrunners. The plan was to get seven in, butttttt since we got there late, meaning we were the first people to start, and the others were called back due to lightning, andddd our headphones were too loud we ran five and a half in a thunderstorm. Nothing like thinking you could get struck by lightning. We like to take risk. We went to waffle champion for breakfast after and had nice girl talk over a mimosa. Unfortunately,I was laid up with an ear ache for the rest of the afternoon. That's what I get for running in windy & rainy weather though! Happy new week friends, Will & I are looking for to the weekend and seeing more family and maybe even enjoying some live music while we're at it.

Shobey napped with his momma all day yesterday too.

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