Thursday, March 3, 2016

I'm on to something ...

Last weekend was a weekend full of running! Friday I got out of work, KC swung by the house and I loaded up my bags then we stopped in Purcell to grab Paris. We rolled into Dallas around 9:30 which was in plenty of time to go to the Academy that was basically just across the parking lot from our hotel. We made our way through the racks of clearance items and all grabbed an item we clearly couldn't live without ;). We got in bed pretty early because Paris is the challenger of our running group, meaning she runs multiple races within one weekend. Overachiever ;)

so... only two people were allowed on the longhorn, someone had to milk?!?,,,, the peepee :/

Saturday morning, we were early rising, KC & I cheered Paris on then we all walked around the expo and grabbed all of our race packets. That afternoon we met Carissa & Tosha downtown and got our pre-race meal #1 in. After that Carissa & Paris went back to the expo and KC and I literally just went back to our hotel and relaxed. We are a lot alike in the sense that we can do nothing and be good with it. Before we knew it, Shauna had made her way down just in time for Academy trip number two, I'm telling you, it's dangerous putting five runners in a hotel right across from a sporting goods store. (it's also dangerous putting five runners up in a hotel next to a drug dealer/prostitute motel, but nevermind that part) After the academy run, we were ready for some freakin' carbs. We found a spot comparable to New York Pizza/Sandro's around our area, a small place that is owned by legit Italians, meaning that our tortellini actually tasted like tortellini not like the Malibu pre race meal of fruit loop flavored tortellini. That's still so weird to me. Sidenote: that evening I received some crappy news about a family member getting in some trouble because of some crappy crap. That kind of news can be frustrating. But it can also make a person thankful to be around people who make you laugh. And this group of girls are laughers. Solesisters really are soulsisters too ya know?!?

Sunday morning, we all got our shit together and headed to the start line. First of all, can I just mention that apparently everyone besides Oklahoma knows how to organize a marathon? I mean get with it guys! We were all in separate corrals except for me & Carissa. Shauna was the first to begin the race, then KC, then us, then Paris. By mile six, I received my first mid race text msg. (texting and calling happens during runs, I once called Paris during a half marathon and I still cannot say why other than I probably felt like I was dying and thought she could save me??) I believe it was from Shauna which read "it's not happenin' today ladies". Shauna was the only one who had intended to PR this race and she's freakin' faster than anyone and even when she's not feelin' it she runs a half in 2:03. This course was hilly, and we all kept in touch with each other throughout the race, well all of us except one, which can only mean one thing. a PR. (PR= personal record) Shauna tried to prepare us for what was to come, which was mile hell, I mean, mile nine. The entire mile uphill, turn to the right, uphill battle again. Hell, pure hell. I stopped to stretch around mile eleven and decided to rest my head on the light pole I was using to hold my balance. While in the midst of a cat nap, I got patted on the shoulder and asked if I was ok. Runners can be so nice in the sense that they look out for eachother but also such pests when you are trying to nap during a race, insert eyeroll emoji followed by a big wink.

I finished in 2:23, which is fine I guess, I run happy in most races so time is never a priority. And I mean that with every ounce of me, sometimes I wonder if I'm just the training pacer of our group. On training runs I'm able to find a comfortable pace and stick with it for our training runs. Races aren't like that for me. I'm very aware of my surroundings but I also go into deep thought about different areas of my life. I, sometimes do great, sometimes I'm just distracted by my own thoughts. Sometimes I get so out into my thoughts I can't remember running a mile. But in a good way I think. I'm a ball of emotions, and I like to call it runmotional, I get sad, I get mad, I get happy and then I'm glad. I started running because I didn't know how to be in my feelings. So running has always given me that out, that freedom to be in my feelings, it allows me to deal with what is going on in my head or heart that I'm not going to put into words. And that's why I run, I run because I had to deal with my mom dying somehow and I resorted to running and that's where it all started for me. I'm pretty sure my mom recognized me struggling with my emotions and so she offered her advice in helping me find a way to deal with everything going on around me. But then she had to say to me that she believed that I'd run marathons one day, and now look at me. I'm running marathons :). She will continue to inspire me. So yeah, I definitely do not run to compete but I do run to deal with my shit. My girls know that I'm not really the best hugger but they can get one out of me after a race because I'm a runmotional mess. The other girls finished up and we realized our non-texter KC had PR'd, we were so proud, KC always works her ass off in runs, and it's always exciting when people PR, proud of you lady!  Shauna, KC, Tosha, Neco and I all stuck around listening to live music and drinking a few post race beers. Carissa & Paris had to get back because baby K (who isn't a baby anymore) was pretty sick. Poor girl needed her momma and her momma needed to get to her, get well soon Kinzi!

All in all, another great race trip with the girls in the books, and it looks like we are planning to head out to Colorado in a few months to do it all over again, KC and I are gonna go all the way and do a full, so excited for her first full.

race night eve

Paris came in with the good stuff this year, thanks P

Race morning, before we went our separate ways, LOVE these chicks!

Elvis was there!

"we got cows" in my twister voice

Pretty cool to experience the stockyards, I've only been when I've been drinking haha

Runners weren't the only ones putting in the effort

Ok, so this picture does not do the monstrous hill justice, but this is not what you want to see coming up to mile nine, believe me. 

Meanwhile, I look over and preggers got it handled, so this is when I tell myself to suck it up. 

celebratory miller lite :) 

annnnnd that's a wrap! namaste folks!

I think I finally figured out my new years resolution, I will run a marathon (half or full) at least once a month this year. So far I'm two for two. I'm on to something...

p.s. love you girls more than you know, you make life so much fun, traveling, running and laughing with y'all will forever by one of my most favorite things.  

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