Monday, March 7, 2016

Trailin', craftin' with the yonce, and showerin' on a sunday

Stayed in with the yonce (pronounced yonz) this weekend. We did a lot of nothing on Friday night, I think I read two rolling stone magazines that I hadn't gotten a chance to read yet. I also looked up some new books to order online. Oh, I think I registered for a St. Patty's race in Dallas too, so yeah, super exciting stuff.

Saturday morning, Will & Shobey woke up fairly early and we decided to do a trail run at the hefner trails. I love it there, Shoba is still excited that it's getting to that time of the year where we run in the woods so it takes a little patience once he gets the hang of it, it's awesome and I've ran up to 5 miles with him, but right now we are at two and half. After our run, we drove home with the windows down and then enjoyed the rest of our day making phone calls and going over some paperwork out on our patio. That evening Will and I started some wedding projects, it was pretty neat and I was pumped that the project was working out just like I had hoped. I made a run to CVS to print a few photos off and added them to my running wall section of the guest bedroom. Bedtime came early as I had planned to get up early the next morning.

free smells

handsome beer drinkin, craftin' man

I was up super early on Sunday but I hadn't thought my plans through thoroughly so I didn't get everything done in the order I had hoped, however, I was able to get the cheese platter ready and looking presentable for Emily's wedding shower. I was the first of five at the venue location which is actually crazy because I'm usually never on time, but I am getting better. (that's me tooting my own horn about timing ha, if you only knew how bad I used to be... ) The shower was lovely as was the bride who showed up in a little white dress with fantastic shoes looking hot as hell. The decor and the venue turned out to be very rustic shabby chic and Emily got showered with great gifts and love from her people. I love to see people be loved, so it was nice to watch a group of women watch her open her gifts, mingle with her and brighten her smile with their presence. It's a an exciting time for her and it's just nice to be able to see her take in all the wedding bliss, others happy makes life that much more beautiful to me! xo

Super cute J & E that Michele made

Sunday evening, I don't know if something just didn't set well with my stomach or if I was just feeling a little emotionally exhausted about a particular situation that I have been trying to stay positive about. It's just hard with my emotions still being raw and trying to swallow the reality that some things may never change and this is how things could be for a very long time. It's hard when a subject is brought up or being questioned about a particular situation. I feel that others question me because they truly believe I am not a good person, to me that's hurtful. Usually with me, if I'm not talking about something openly it's because I'm still trying to digest the truth of it myself. It's definitely hard when I feel I have to defend myself or have to discuss it with others who do not know me well. It's also hard for me to share personal things with people who do not know the real me, and I think unfortunately others judge me on situations they do not have any idea about. I worry that others ask questions when it's not necessary. This results in others being unprepared for the answer I may give them. I feel that sometimes I don't go into detail because I don't think people are prepared for it, and it hurts me personally to rehash feelings/situations that are still new to me. I pray daily about this situation, my heart aches because of the people involved and the situation at hand. I also pray that I will not be misunderstood while dealing with these emotions. I pray for others, that they will not judge me based on something they do not know, that they will find it in their heart to think before speaking unkindly and search for the good before they assume bad. I pray that I will continue to stay positive and grounded in who I am as an individual when I fall under scrutiny from others. I pray a lot about this entire situation in more ways than you could believe. Anyway, Will decided that we should get in bed early and veg out and that would help ease the off vibes I was experiencing. I'm pretty sure I just fell right asleep. I am the person who sleeps when depressing feelings overwhelm me, I once slept so much that I had an old roommate ask if I was on drugs. Totally not the case, I just felt that sleep was the only way I could shut the thoughts off. It is always nice when he is beside me and I do recognize that he does try to show he's here for me. Think I'll keep him around ;)

Anyway, new day, new week, new month, new me?!? haha, just kidding, I'm still the same. Have a great week friends!

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