Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Dallas birthday boy, Meet the Birch's, marathoning in May & climbing an uphill battle

May has been quite the busy month for us. We headed down to Dallas the first weekend to celebrate our bestie Tim! We hungout at a place called happiest hour that proved that it's name held up. We caught up with our Dallas people and met newbies along the way. We also got to hangout with Will's bubba and that's always a good time! We love Tim and hope he had a great birthday! Still have his birthday gift and I just remembered too.... gah, get it together Jeri Kaye!

I think I'm still recovering from one of the funnest wedding weekends I've been a part of. Emily & Jarrin's wedding weekend celebration started on Friday the 13th, there was no bad voodoo surrounding the wedding on that evening even though it was friday the 13th. Nothing but good vibes. We helped decorate the venue and it looked absolutely gorgeous. We practiced walking the aisle to music. After, we all ate at Two Frogs, so bomb. The girls & guys split ways and the girls went to stay in the cutest house in all of Ardmore I'm sure of. If you haven't stayed at the little bed & breakfast beside Maria's garden, then you are missing out. We made lots of fun memories the night before her wedding and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to bond with new people.

Saturday morning we woke up and Sam, Emily and I went on a nice little run around town. After, we went running around town to pick up a few things (from the liquor store & taco bell - priorities...) We got back to the house, got all showered up, had some brunch then headed to get our hair did. Lots of laughs were happening the entire weekend but we had a lot of fun face swapping with 80's hair models that day. After this, time flew by, we got our fancy dresses on, then took some photos and piled into the limo! Time stood still when Emily walked down the aisle and it was a moment that pretty precious. The couple was introduced Mr. & Mrs. and then all kinds of fun followed. So cool to be a part of the big day, I wish you two years of happiness!

My May marathon race proved that hard work and dedication pays off. The trail runs, the boring road runs, the gym sessions with the yawnce all helped me get a tiny peak in time and run a p.r. So thankful I had my sister, brother in law and niece to travel to Joplin with me and be there for it. We did make our way over to the precious moments museum while we were there and ate some really great food at Red Onion Cafe where an extremely nice woman skipped out and paid for our lunch without us knowing. Wherever you are nice woman, we thank you! Time for us to pay it forward!

Will got me this super age appropriate hat for my bday, 
oh and this is one of my best friends Adam, who tends to get himself in trouble the same way I get myself in trouble, by saying inappropriate things and telling offensive jokes...
anyway, those are a couple of reasons that I love the guy! 

May also means my bday, although, it crept up this year. All I think about is how excited about marrying Wills I am like all day err day. Plus I have a feeling after 30, you pretty much don't make a big deal out of your birthday... HOWEVER, Wills got in touch with Whitney (local loveable creekrat), Candice (Chicago Bestie) & KC (Roomie Homey Bestie) and they all planned a big surprise for me. After my run on Saturday and before heading out on the lake we walked into Whitney's house and there were people with party hats on and cupcakes and cookies on the table along with bottles of champagne! It was a fun surprise and it made me so happy to have good people in my life. So thanks to all you beautiful people who made me feel special with the text msgs, phone calls and even fb posts, I mean you guys took the time out of your day to make me feel loved and special to you. I will say, from here on out I'll be climbing an uphill battle to 40! - i'm much too young to feel this damn old ;)

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