Wednesday, June 8, 2016

peas & carrots

Will & I had a bit of drive back from the lake not too long ago and so I stumbled upon a questionnaire that I thought I'd ask him... here are all of his answers, just because you care, OBVIOUSLY. no not really, more just because I think they are funny!

1. What is something i always say to you? I hate you  
2. What makes me happy? Outdoor dates with me & Shoba 
3. What makes me sad? Mean people in general 
4. How do i make you laugh? backwards hat and goofy  
5. What was i like as a child? A brat because you wouldn't ever date me or stay the night  
6. How old am i? 31 
7. How tall am i? 5'7 8. 
What is my favorite thing to do? Trail running  
9. What do i do when you're not around? Just fuck shit up and make sandwiches and use the counter as the cutting board  
10. If i become famous, what will it be for? Comedian  
11. What am i good at? At getting me plumb pissed off, your good at being a good friend  
12. What am i not very good at? Balancing and coordination  
13. What do i do for a job? Manage things 
14.What is my favorite food? Ice cream, cupcakes?  
15.What makes you proud of me? Independent, successful, good heart, fun to be around and you don't rely on anyone for anything  
16. there isn't a number 16. huh? 
17. What do you and i do together? Practice... Outdoor stuff 
18. How are you and i the same? We like the same things 
19. How are you and i different? You're a female and I'm a male 
20. How do you know i love you? Because you said yes when I asked you to marry me 
21. What do i like most about you? You aren't a bullshitter 
22. Where is my favorite place to go? The woods 
23. How do i annoy you? Sheww you have enough room on there?! 
24. Do you think you could live with me forever? i fuckin have to 
25. What's your favorite thing about me? Your sense of humor and big heart 

- and there you have it folks, my feyawnce hit the nail on the head, when he is not around i make sandwiches and fuck shit up.

To join the fun do this and post it somewhere for me to read! Follow the instructions below:
WITHOUT ANY prompting, ask your boyfriend/husband these questions and write down EXACTLY what they say. 

Meanwhile, not only is he funny, he is disgusting too

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