Monday, July 18, 2016


This weekend, my beautiful and thoughtful bridesmaids threw us an I DO BBQ couples shower. It was pretty perfect. I was so anxious all day on Saturday, what to wear, how to do my hair, how to do my makeup, how to act, open gifts, don't open gifts.... all things that are mind boggling for a person like me. I opted on a $9 baby blue dress and my good ole Steve Madden boots and carried along with me navy blue chuck taylors to change into. Just winged the rest. We drove out to Blanchard and then saw a sign that made it all real, I shed a tear and then told myself to put my game face on. We pulled up to find the girls had decorated the house and lawn so cute. We had delicious barbecue and played games with our friends. We loved having everyone in one place. I cannot say how thankful I am to all of my bridesmaids for putting together such a cute shower that was the right amount of laid back that we needed. You guys are perfect! PERFECT! We are going to open our gifts this evening, we are so overwhelmed by all the love we received and we are just taking it all in. Thanks for being great friends to us, and loving us, we love you guys! We didn't get many photos because most of our guests were unplugged and enjoying the time together, which is awesome. We do have a ton of disposable cameras full of photos, so we will have to get those developed! I didn't have one photo of me and my bridesmaids or of me and my groom, guess we will hire a photographer for our wedding ;).

How fun is this photo booth thing, thanks Cha!

my girls minus two 

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