Tuesday, August 2, 2016

July flewwww by

July flew by that's for dang sure! I waited until the last possible minute to run my July marathon. So long in fact that I ran it without finding a race and ran half of it with the landrunners and the other half with Wills. Thank you God for Will, I'm pretty sure his ideal Saturday morning doesn't include waking up before the sun comes up to meet me to ride his bike while I run along side of him. He is precious. I definitely take his acts of kindness for granted sometimes. But I do thank God for him daily. It was hard, my muscles are acting from the run still but it's done and over with, on to the next one.

how i felt... dead, glad, but dead

This weekend we got to celebrate one of our favorite foxhole friends. Will and I opted to gift the gorgeous Amanda with a cactus and a nice bottle of champs. Amanda has quite the green thumb so when we saw the cactus we thought it was what she needed. Well, that and champs. We met up with her and Kevin on Sunday for a little pool time at Scott & Suzanne's house. We got home pretty early, I shared some lifesaver gummies with Shoba and passed out smooth.

Will started his new job this week! I'm so excited for him to be in a new work environment. So far so good. This weekend is also his bachelor party weekend in Vegas aka gateway to his party death bed. ;) hope you have fun babertz!

Wedding invitations will go out this weekend and I should have every little bit of the DIY projects and wedding organization completed after this weekend. Super exciting news for myself. Cheers to 8 more weeks til Will & I say I DO!

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