Wednesday, October 12, 2016

C is for Chicago

not really, it's for Candice, my wittle Candice. Our Candice. There's so much to say about this one. All good of course. Candice and I became fast friends about 8 maybe 9 years ago. I think it goes to show something when you develop a strong bond almost instantaneously with another human being. It's just gotta be a God thing, something draws you to a person, you hang out and you become best friends. Yeah that's really something. I call it a God thing. God knew this girl and I would be close. God knew we'd be able to connect and our differences would only benefit each other rather than play as a negative resulting in distanting us from one another. I love her (if that's not just obvious)

Like, you know those people you have in life, where you almost don't have to go into too much detail with, that you have the ability to read each others facial expressions and just know, the people who sometimes you have almost what one would describe as a sixth sense and you just don't even have to say much, you guys just get it, that's my C. I feel like sometimes I don't have to go into detail with her to explain how I'm feeling but she just knows.

I always joke around with her about how much she and Will have in common and it's so true. Maybe if I hadn't married Will, I'd marry her. - Ok guys, I'm kidding but that is how much they have in common personality wise.

On my wedding day, Candice offered me support by making sure that I was comfortable in my surroundings, she was being her normal quirky self by throwing one liner jokes here and there about random facts and always made sure my champagne glass was full.

I like to think she is my ruby ring, she's been the person I'd been looking for a very long time that I just knew was out there and then when I finally found her I realized I'd cherish her forever. Now, I use this metaphor because I have yet to find the actual red & gold ruby ring that I've gone to many many antique shops in search of, I know the day I find it, I'll just know it's the one I've been holding out for. I know the gold will shine perfectly and the reflection of the red ruby will smile back at me when it's catches the sun just right, so I'll wear it proudly and cherish it forever.

Here is my short & sweet letter from Candice, I love her so:

Thank you Candice for always being there for me when I've been up or down or just plain out there! I hope that I can offer you the friendship that you have given me, you are so adored by me! Thanks for standing beside me on my wedding day and in life, xo.

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  1. AWE, I have never heard you use that ruby ring metaphor before, so special. I love you so much and I think that picture is just perfect! And agreed, I definitely think we can read each other's minds. hahahahah.