Friday, October 7, 2016

KC's Race

As I type my fingers are tapping on the keyboard but shaking of race jitters in between words. The wind is whistling in a lower key through the window and when I got up this morning I put my “warm” clothes on. On my way to work, I made three stops. Those three stops were to stick bright signs in the ground. I hope they don’t get blown away…

It happens every time, as I make the stops to place the signs in the ground, the city seems quiet. All I can hear is the wind blowing through the (dead) grass. The silence throws chills through my body. After I place each sign in the ground, I stop and look around and think about what this race is about. I feel my eyes fill with tears. I feel myself get a little angry, angry because these soldiers were all taken so soon. They had their whole lives ahead of them.  I’ll be honest, situations like this make me question God. But I swallow my feelings and I stop asking why, and instead start thanking God for these people. These people gave their lives for you and me. They made the choice to go to another country and fight for us. I stop at the banners and pay my condolences to each person honored. My heart breaks a little with every soldiers face, but at the same time I feel a rush because I am so overwhelmed, just so thankful. The word brave doesn’t seem to be enough to describe this bunch, the title hero is definitely more fitting.

KC’s been running for exactly 28 minutes at this point. This is her race. It will always be hers. Every runner has their race. This one is all hers. I’m so proud of her, she’ll never really know how proud. You can tell someone a hundred times you are proud of them, but they will never really get it because they can’t feel what you feel when you think about who they are as a person. I’ve seen this girl overcome some unfortunate circumstances but she’s one of those people, you’d never really know. She’s strong, she’s courageous, she’s someone you can go to and she’ll shoot you straight and she’s someone who has a heart of gold. I’m so proud to call you my best friend and hero today & everyday!!   

Now, I'll go hoot & holler and watch you finish this baby!

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