Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I was born with one biological sister, her name is Chandra and she is wonderful! She carries a sense of calmness, she has a heart of gold, a laugh that you cannot forget and has the best ability to listen to someone's situation and stay neutral. I don't know many people who can do that. She and I are so different but at times the same. We have always been able to agree to disagree, for some reason we view the world a little differently. We grieve differently, we express our words differently and our emotions as well. But at the end of the day, you cannot deny the love that we have for each other. I grew up always having a friend to play with, most of the time it was whatever she wanted to do, she hated barbies, but she did always give me the barbies she didn't want, I always thought that was nice of her. We would grow up playing sports together, her always being waaaay better than me at softball, better than me at bible trivia and just better with people in general. I wanted to be like her so much back then, but I'm glad we developed our own individuality. Where most people love her, most people either love or hate me, there are no gray areas. I wouldn't change having my sister as the person I grew up with for anything. She's the only one who has helped me through this crazy life and I'd like to think that when we think about all the out there shit our childhood holds, we can still appreciate that time because we were in it together. We know secrets about each other that no one will ever know, we know facts about our childhood that would be almost unbelievable for others, and then we have the times where we are riding bicycles around the town of Kingston, walking to the snow-cone stand, kicking the same rock back and forth on the walk home from school, and practicing our hand-me-down band instruments in the back yard by the mulberry tree. Times I'd never take back, it was pretty amazing growing up with Cha.

-- By the age of seven, I got another sister by the age of seven I had a new sister-in-law, then by the age of ten I had another sister-in-law. My sister Chandra and I learned a lot from these two sister-in-laws, we had a new found love of Sheryl Crow because of one and I've wanted twin boys ever since seeing my other sister-in-law mom hers. Sadly, as we got older and seasons changed we lost one of those sister-in-laws and she is now in heaven and the other sister-in-law now has a new family life and they need her love now. They both showed us so much love while we were a part of their lives though, I'll never forget the bond we shared.

Fast forward life a little to seven years ago and picture me dancing around on a huge green lawn in the pouring rain while listening to dave matthews at my first dave concert. There was another free soul wondering through the crowd and I knew her. I actually loved her, I remember casually telling her I wanted to be a Fernandez. The reasoning behind me saying this was because I loved that the fernandez crew carried the "free spirit" gene, I felt that I was that person in the Ahtone family but didn't really have a sibling to share that with, so I remember telling Alana Donna that I wanted to be a Fernandez! Little did I know that I would eat my words, but I seriously couldn't be happier. I'm so excited to have a new younger sister who will always share that sense of free birdness with me, a person who isn't dependent on others, someone who knows what she wants to achieve in life and another sister that I can share my secrets with.

Sister Selfie (Photo By: Tristan Ahtone) 

I couldn't be more happy to call these two girls my sisters. Couldn't be more happy for them to be my side on my wedding day. These are the sweet letters I received from the two of them on my wedding day. Here's to many more years of family gatherings and doing life as sisters!!!

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