Monday, October 10, 2016

Wedding Series

I've decided that within the next few days I'll give you a little more of a raw insight of our wedding day. From getting ready to the very emotional day for myself and just little snippets and moments that I found so incredibly special. I think I will start with my bridesmaids and how I could not have made it through this emotional roller coaster of a day without these special women. Each and every one of them is so unique and SO loved by Will & I.

This picture captures me in a very happy almost euphoric state of mind. I had just read some very heart warming words, I had just cried my eyes out, if the walls of this hotel room could talk they would tell you they saw a girl who is extremely emotional. I will be very honest, when I think of myself I don't think of a woman who is that. I've been described as very much the opposite of that for most of my life. But on this day, because I was comfortable in my surroundings and my sisters, I was able to show them a side of me that they probably haven't even seen. Each and every girl had something to offer me that day and that was their strength and open hearts. I love that they allowed me to be me. I love that they love me as hard as I do them. I am so thankful that these women were placed in my life. I think God every day for them.

I cannot wait to share these moments with you and I hope that you can appreciate them as much as I did. I'm going to call the next few blog post the wedding series because there is just so much that I'll post about on here about the wedding. So enjoy!


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  1. Just got goosebumps. All of the pictures I have seen so far are AMAZING. Tristan is SO talented. And I love the champs in the background. xo