Wednesday, January 4, 2017

KC's the real deal

KC KC KC, myyyyyyy KC. I don't know how to explain where our story started other than I felt such a deep hole in my heart when a guy who was my best friend growing up and absolutely adored her passed away. She was the love of his life and at that time they were going strong, and something within me told me to reach out to her and let her know that. When I did see her after communicating with her, I felt a very real connection that made me realize that we wouldn't just be acquaintances in passing, but we'd be friends for life. Not long after we were roommates, she was probably the best roommate I've ever had outside of the husband. We are kind of on the same emotional level, we react a lot the same and understand things that sometimes other people just don't get because we have some similarities when it comes to the way we grew up with unfortunate circumstances. She's the one I can tell an unbelievable off the wall story to and totally know that it happened and that the craziness is the real deal! Just like our friendship, it's the real deal. So thanks KC for always providing me with a real deal friendship, the real deal understanding and the real deal answers that I need to hear when I'm in a tough situation and need to be told how to deal with things. You da best!

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