Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Paris .. the city of LOVE

And also, a woman full of love. Paris and I met at a bank we both worked at, well maybe I shouldn't say both, because she worked for both of us. I cannot say enough about her. We became friends quickly, and even now thinking back I can't even remember what has kept us in such great touch and in eachothers life other than just good ole fashioned love. I have watched her mother me from the time I was 19 to now ha. And when I say mother I don't mean she acts like my mom, she just knows me so well, she knows that I'm forgetful, clumsy, always one who likes to eat, and so she naturally cares for me in that way. We'll be hanging out and she will pull out some dill pickle sunflower seeds because she knows I'm a snacker, if I start to get quiet in the car while she's driving she will offer to pull over because she knows that means I'm feeling carsick and she will always offer to pick up my race packets when we are running a race together. It's like she's the best friend who literally looks out for you and keeps your best interest at hand all the time. I can't say enough great things about her, she is simply lovely. I thank the good lord for her all of the time, because I often wonder how odd life would be without her being in it, it would feel like a piece of the puzzle was missing. Thanks for always being my sister from another mister! You make my heart so full! I cannot wait until Will and I have a little boy and I talk you into having another baby, so they can be best friends just like us!

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