Thursday, February 2, 2017

Misty, simply one of the most amazing humans EVER

Lastly, but definitely not least we have the beautiful Misty. Misty has always been a woman I have been able to connect with,  I like to call her my soul sister, mainly because I literally feel like my soul does just that it connects with hers. She and I have always been able to relate to certain situations in so many different ways it's incredible. She is one who has never cast judgement on my choices (at least to my knowledge ha) but has always offered me support when I needed her in some of my more vulnerable moments of life. She's one bridesmaid who has seen and been "lucky" enough to see me in what I would consider ever "serious relationship" I've been a part of. She's supported me through them all even when maybe they weren't the right fit for me for whatever reason. I can remember her words when I talked to her before I was about to get married and how she expressed to me how happy she was for me,  she told me she was so happy because she could see how authentic the relationship was between Will and I. She expressed to me that what Will and I had was something that was really special and admirable. Let me just say, coming from a person you admire so much, compliments like this do not go unnoticed. I look up to Misty in so many ways yet I love how she is just like me in so many ways. I will always hold a special place in my heart for Misty. I can remember meeting Misty for coffee for the very first time when Will and I had first decided to date exclusively. I was so apprehensive about telling her. I still do not know why when I think back now. Maybe it was because she and I met through an ex boyfriend of mine and her now husband Sean. Our friendship had been built on a foundation of double dates, couple game nights, and many concerts. But once I knew that the relationship I had with Will would advance to something much more than just dating I wanted Misty to know because she was my best friend and just like with any new love, you want to share those types of things with your best friends. It was an awesome feeling just in knowing that my happiness made her happy, just like her happiness has always made me happy. Support, loyalty, kindness, happiness, all of these things are simple things right? She carries every single one of these characteristics. After all, that is what I love about this woman, how simple she can be yet how amazing she really is. Thank you for being one of the most amazing humans to me!

(if you know me AT all, you know that I'm an emailer, i'm always late, Misty emailed my letter to me a few weeks after our wedding day in true soul sister fashion, another reason I love this lady) 

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