Tuesday, February 28, 2017


it's actually true what "they" say, you know "them"...
What I'm referring to here is the people you hear talking about "the two". I call him my two, because God is my one, but Will is my two. Like so & so saying "oh and then one of these days it will just kind of click, like you will just come to this life changing realization, like this is who my person is, this is why it didn't seem like the right fit before with the other person". Turns out my person had been around for years, but we just didn't really give it a go 'til years later. The attraction was undeniably always there, I think Will I would tell you that we truly believe that we cannot resist the others smile and good nature. We both always believed that the other was a good person who always brought out the good in others and that was hard to deny about the other. I always laugh when people ask how long we have known each other because they pick up that we are extremely comfortable and seem to go way back in time with our stories, they think it's adorable that we've known each other since the 5th grade, but the truth is we didn't start this thing until years after the 5th grade. But what I will say is that once we started it, we both knew it was something special almost immediately. It's been such an adventure falling for my husband, he's really one of the nicest, goofiest, quirkiest, caring, and funnest people I've ever loved. He gets me. I get him. It's really comforting in knowing that we are in this marriage together, and that our ultimate goal is to make each other happy, I love him more than I did the day I said I do, and I can literally say it's crazy to think I've been married five months. FIVE whole months. Marriage is tough stuff, it's not just a relationship like before, but if you are marrying the person for you it is so worth it. It can be work at times but it's definitely team work and it can be so fun building a life with your partner. Cooking for him, coming home to him, smiling, laughing, praying with him, honestly, I literally cannot think of another person on this earth I would want to do this crazy wonderful life with! Here is the letter I received from him on our wedding day.

Oh, and for all you newly weds or just people in really freakin' long relationships or just relationships here's my favorite verse that I like to use as relationship advice lately: 

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