.me myself & i.

In a nutshell:
Jeri Kaye is a runner, dress wearer, wine drinker, lifetime learner, and live music junkie. She's also a no filter talker, but hopes you won't judge her for it. Jeri Kaye lives the Norman (as you locals may prefer "nompton") life in Oklahoma with her handsome husband Wills. She loves antique shops, turquoise rings, blueberry-flavored things, spot the difference bar gaming, meeting funny people and LOVES God. She'd love to have you over for a wine spritzer on her patio.
But if you feel you must know a little more, read on...

lets see. i am 32. obsessed with sweets, and when i say that i'm talkin' candy, cake, tarts, cupcakes, cookies, you get it. I also have this thing with coffee. brown hair. hazel, eyes. 5'6", give or take an inch, who's counting anyway? Average girl, not skinny but not fat, just average.  have my mom's handmedown dimples, which i kind of love. i love sleeping in with my husband, but it doesn't happen often because we love to go all of the time. I'm pretty observant or so I'm told. Live music lover, if I have my family or framily around at a concert, there aren't many things that could be better in my eyes. Running acts as my stress reliever. known to be a terrible liar and will avoid telling the truth if i feel it's something i shouldn't share or that I am ashamed to tell you even about myself.  love my dog Shoba.

not big on tv, but when I  do "tv" it's gotta be Bravo.  love to read. love cooking for my husband. 

ok lets get this part straight just real quick, i'm not blogging to promote anything, get a crap load of followers or any of that jazz.  You see back in the day i use to write in a journal because (well who knows why) but as i got older i would look back and read through, you know, get a good laugh at myself. I apparently enjoyed how dumb and ridiculous i was about the happenings in my life. Well then on another 'one day' i broke up with this guy because things weren't candy hearts and skipping in the park, well ,when that happened, the inevitable happened, my journals as well as other items were trashed. Bummer... he also got to keep the dogs too... jerk? Kidding. (or am i?)
Anyway, I decided to document another way, by way of technology. (again, let me remind you, I might be a bit  of a nerd) If you want to read, then read. If you want to click next blog, no worries, it won't hurt my feelings. Speaking of feelings, I do have them, however, if you know me then you know I'm not so great at showing them. I grew up watching family members struggle with addiction, didn't really have a present father who wanted to do all the father/daughter stuff, I watched my mom lose her battle with cancer, I've watched my niece and twin nephews lose their mother and grow up with a dad who wasn't as stable as some fathers but who loves his kids very much, I've watched my sister be the best mother to my niece who was born with CP and she deals with some physical and emotional challenges I'm sure, but you'd never know, I've just dealt with real uncontrollable situations and witnessed others I love deal with painful situations too so I'm a little different. Watching these situations and being a part of them has really made me view a lot of situations in life differently. I have a bit of a tough shell so sometimes it probably seems like I don't have real emotions. That's wrong, I do, but I just show them when I deal with situations that are a little more than the occasional drama about someone not doing what I want, I usually just try to stand back and put things into perspective a little differently than people around me. It doesn't make me better, I find saying sorry seems to be a little easier for me, but it definitely doesn't make me better.  In fact I've actually been told that I care too little, which really stinks because I don't, I just feel and show emotion differently. I've also been told I care too much. Isn't that interesting? The people who know me, know that I'm all in when I love a person. I've lost friendships because people assume I don't care, never the case, however, that's just what they believe. I do value my friendships, I do have feelings, I realize other people have feelings, I just DON'T know how to read minds. So if you were once my friend and we don't talk anymore, do me a favor and ask yourself if you really ever even told me you were upset or bothered by my words or actions, if you answer yourself honestly and the answer is no, then call me up, we'll go have a beer and pick up right where we left off.

most people have blogs have tell stories about their amazing new little bundle of joy and/or married life, well ya see, I'm just recently married so I'm still learning the ropes of being a wife and turns out i'm also babyless, so its just me and the wolf pack for now. (tadaaaaa impressed? no ummm ok) You know, I've got some soul searchin' of my own to do before I start bringing a baby into this crazy world. I am very blessed with the people I surround myself with, which you can read about those people when I am Counting my Blessings .

My family are the people who have molded me into the person I am today, but I got a little side tracked along the way, that’s why they are so sweet compared to me. June 26, 2001 was probably the worst day of my life so far, it is probably also the only day I have ever really felt my heart break. But like with most things, it has made me a stronger girl since it happened. Stronger... stubborn, independent, unemotional in some situations and very appreciative of my "me" time, you know, all that kind of stuff ;). I find it gets tougher with age to get over my moms death, it's just really hard not having her in my life. Not that I thought it would get easier, I would just think my coping mechanisms would have improved. Hmmm, I think that is all. (at least for now) if you want to know more random facts about me just go to the Just Jeri Kaye section in my blog :)