.boy oh boy.

After writing about mr W for multiple years now, I've decided to really put babertz out there and let him have his own page so you can learn more about the guy who makes me smile.

W is short for Will. Will being short for William. (duh)

I call him W and Wills in my posts because the word will is used a bunch in my vocabulary and i don't capitalize words/names often enough, so for readers it could get confusing.

Anyway, he' s my favorite guy. He came in my life in the 5th grade. Yeah, cute right? You're probably thinking "awwwww elementary school sweethearts" while that's a nice thought, that's not really how it went. I mean he liked me then, but I wasn't there yet, nor would I be for the next 14 years. Eventually I got there, he was persistent, which was annoying at first, but ya gotta love a guy who goes after what he wants. He was driven, then hook, line and sunk me. He caught me, and boy did he catch me. He probably had no idea what he signed up for. Regardless, he's my moon & stars and he is the only person who can make my day with his annoying inside jokes that I don't want to laugh about because I'm moody but somehow I still laugh. He is a terrible cuddler. He appreciates me and makes me feel like I'm important and I'll be honest I wasn't completely use to that at first, so it freaked me out. I have a tendency to not take things too serious, so when he wanted serious I wanted to run. But I didn't because something told me to just see where things went and I'm glad I didn't. I don't like to compare relationships, but this one is different and a good  different. He is easy on the eyes and I think he is stupid good looking, with his perfect smile, scruffy face and brown eyes. He's brown like me and I totally pride myself in finding a guy with this being brown quality (meaning native american for you ding dongs that don't understand this), i think we are going to have beautiful ndn babies someday. (i just hope those babies will be boys) We have had a bit of a roller coaster love, most of the issues we have stem from me in someway. My inability to communicate my feelings, my selfish decisions or me feeling sorry for myself in some way. I believe in communication though, and I'm learning how to do that now that I'm with him, once you communicate about an issue, you have the ability to grow. And we usually grow from my shit show problems and grow a lot from our ups and downs, which I believe might give us a chance of coming out on top. He's a main character in my blog and sometimes he drives me absolutely bananas. We are two of the weirdest people I know. I can't begin to explain to you how comfortable we are with eachother, it's even gross sometimes to think how comfortable we are, but it's also really freakin' awesome and hilarious. He brings out the best and the worst sides of me, but it's probably because I love hard and I'm passionate about the relationship we share. It can be crazy sometimes. Stupid sometimes, you know that crazy stupid love stuff. To put it in simple terms, he is THE GUY for me. He shows me it's ok to make mistakes, dust myself off and get my head back in the game of life. He's perfect for me, I don't know that I'm perfect for him, but I'm sure lucky he lets me hang around :)

10/10/16- ***UPDATE*** we got hitched on September 24, 2016 surrounded by all of our family and friends, we loved that day. One of the happiest days of our life.

Our wedding day, I love you mr. wills 

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