.puppy Love.

I have a dog named Shoba. He is the best dog ever. - and I'm not just saying that. He is the best dog for Wills and me. I can't remember what life was without him. I've never loved a dog as much as I love THIS dog. (Buddy, our shop dog comes in a close runners up though) I'm such a dog person. I love them all. But MY dog is my favorite, good thing right? Since he's my dog and all. Wills is his best friend but I'm his mom, and he's definitely a momma's boy too. Shoba is a wolf hybrid and while everyone thinks he's scary, I assure you, HE is the scared one. Wolf hybrids have changed my life. Not that I ever thought they were scary, but I think people like to judge things before being knowledgeable. He is an extremely smart guy. Some people say you can't train these types, but my Shoba can sit, high five, kiss, howl, bark, lay down and roll over on demand, to those people I say screw you. We work with him and I'll be real honest, we didn't have to work too hard, he's super smart. He outsmarts his parents all the time. We love the little turd.

The day I met my Shobey

Shoba likes swimming

being lazy
being in his natural environment
his daddy

begging for human food
going to summer breeze with us

lake time

supporting his mom at her races

he loves baby B

and absolutely LOVES snow!

we just love him!

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