.running down a dream.

History of my running...

I first began running when my mom thought it was a good idea.... haha FOLLOWER... but you see.... She wasn’t a runner , you can’t read about any of her amazing running times in any magazines or newspapers. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure I have ever seen the lady run… interesting. My pops is more of the athlete out of the two and he's done some running back in the day. Anyway, back to my story...When I was 14, my mom began to get really sick. Which later, she found out would be from cancer (evil illness). I became stressed and even very emotionally and physically sick myself. She suggested I try out running, I began to love it. She would sometimes drive beside me in our hooptie van with K-lake jammin’ in the background. I finally decided to try track out during my sophomore year of high school. She was my biggest fan. I wasn’t awesome, I’m still not awesome, but I love it. Running is my stress reliever, it challenges me, it helps me get through things I don’t express verbally with anyone else, and clears my head. Then my mom passed away when I was 16. It SUCKED real bad. I didn’t have anything else other than a very patient boyfriend at the time, an understandable best friend, and my immediate family but for a 16 year old girl I felt like my whole world had vanished. I kept up with my running though. It was my only connection with her. It was the only thing that she and I did together where she just watched and cheered me on. I still feel like she does that. But just from heaven. I think I’ll probably always run, well, I guess until my legs fall off. I’ve been running for almost 12 years now, and I don’t regret one thing about beginning it. I ran cross country and track until I graduated from high school and have continued to run (non-competitively) throughout college up until now! I ran my first marathon when I was 24 in Oklahoma City, if you are a runner and you are debating running the Okc Marathon, I highly suggest it. I ran my 2nd marathon in Malibu when I was 28. I will be running my very first half in April, funny I know, I never ran a half before a full. I have just registered for my third marathon which will be the Chicago Marathon on October 12, 2014. I think I'll run until my legs fall off.It takes a lot of hard work and it hurts the body. But I'm determinded to keep running these things. There's no feeling like the feeling of accomplishing 26.2 miles, it's crazy, believe I am aware of it being crazy, but it's crazy good. If you are wondering how my times are, they aren’t great but they aren’t awful. Just depends on the day, I work hard to stay in the above average of my age group but generally it doesn’t result in first place unless you catch me on a lucky feel good day : ) I am the weirdo who loves running, and I love supporting others who run. Some people aren't the same and are kind of crappy when it comes to being able to be happy for other runners, well, I'm not that type. Last time I checked, none of us have been asked to sign a deal with nike.

You can read more about my running adventures here .


1)      What was your best run ever? … ever? Well I go way back to the time I was running track and qualified in the 3200 m to run in the state finals, I sucked ass at the finals but the day I qualified my mom was there, she was clapping and cheering me on, so every lap I looked forward to seeing her. After that race, she told me something I’ll never forget, she said that I’d be running marathons some day and that she couldn’t wait to watch me do that. So that was my best run ever, but every marathon I run now reminds me of her saying that.


2)      Three words that describe my running? Sweaty, therapeutic, un-regretful


3)      My go-to running outfit is: nike black 5inch compression shorts, nike womens legend tank top, and nike bra, hello nike snob. You get what you pay for when it comes to running clothes so I throw down on my running gear


4)      Quirky habit while running: I can’t run 2.5 miles or 1.5 it always has to be an even number in my mileage. I mean there are obviously times I have ran 13.1 and 26.2 but never during a training run.


5)      Early bird, midday or night owl runner? I used to be a night owl runner, and on Thursdays you’ll catch me on a dreadmill around 10 p.m. but if I can manage to wake up early I actually prefer mornings these days.


6)      I won’t run outside when its: extremely windy or if there is ice on the ground!


7)      Worst injury – and how I got over it: stress “reaction” to my right lower tibia, it sucked! I cross trained for the remaining 3 weeks of my full marathon training for Malibu and had a shitty-er finish time because of it, but you can’t tell a girl who has already paid her fees and put in training time for 18 weeks that she’s not going to run the race she trained so hard for. So I ran it and I was proud despite the lousy time, I came there for a reason and that reason was to finish.


8)      I felt most like a badass mother runner when: I finished my first full marathon. People think it’s annoying when runners talk about running and mileage, I promise you once you’ve placed yourself in the “official runner” category, you know that running marathons means you are technically a badass. I hate when people try to un-credit a marathoner, if they ever trained that long and hard and finished a marathon they’d understand.

9)  Potential running goal for 2015: Finish another half & full marathon! PR in both!